Welcome to our All Saints Parish webpage. This webpage is provided to enable a simple, clear interface between the working hierarchy of our parish community and our Website for posting event information, news, calendars, committee documents, Catholic education, etc. to keep our faith community informed and current.

Website Hosting and Posting

We have provided a single e-mail address < webmaster@allsaintscathcom.com > for communications to/from our web administration team. Our current team members being addressed through the webmaster’s e-mail account are Kim Gundlach, Lou Ann Willkom, and Theresa Pries. We can easily add/remove webmaster team members on this account as required. Please direct any and all requests for information, postings, and/or webpage edits to the webmaster e-mail account < webmaster@allsaintscathcom.com >. Please note that the web pages associated with St. Joseph Catholic School and our parish CCD/Youth Ministry are under the direction of Dr. Sara Giza. Theresa Pries joins our website maintenance team to provide dedicated support for the Dr. Giza activities.

Announcements Targeted for Our Church Bulletin

For all Church Bulletin announcements please e-mail your requests directly to Julie Lingen at: jlingen@allsaintscathcom.com

Website Committee

Our current Website Committee team members include …  Kim Gundlach; Chairperson, Lou Ann Willkom, and Theresa Pries; Team Members. Our team members have specific duties in regards to providing support and maintenance for our website while working together as a whole.

We are always willing to improve. Please offer comments, suggestions, and feedback regarding our website so we can take them under consideration and make our website a user-friendly experience and informational resource.

Thank You, Kim Gundlach