About All Saints Parish

In 2013, under the direction of Fr. William Felix following the directive of Bishop William Callahan, the rural parishes of Holy Family, Stanley; Sacred Heart-St. Joseph, Boyd; and St. Rose of Lima, Cadott; were merged into a new parish under the name All Saints, bringing the three faith communities into one parish family. The merger, in part, took place to address the needs of an area of northwestern Wisconsin in bringing Christ in the sacraments of the Catholic Church to the over 1,000 families residing in the Hwy. 29 corridor. Under the care of one parish priest and permanent deacon, a central parish organization would enable the people of God to receive the sacraments in a new manner than had ever been established in this area.

While retaining the three individual church locations, a school, rectory, parish hall, and five cemeteries, All Saints Parish was formed to make one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of La Crosse and the first to undergo such a merger of three parishes into one parish with three church locations. Each location has its own unique charm and warm environment that many in this area for generations have called their spiritual home where they encounter the living God.

Beginning in the Summer of 2012, the process was started with the formation of councils and committees that served all three parishes, instead of having individual units. The cluster also began referring to itself as All Saints Catholic Community, as name chosen by Father Felix and the people of the new community. With the assistance of Seminarian Daniel Williams, the parish staff, and numerous parishioner volunteers, the work on the administrative components began. Throughout the remainder of 2012 and into 2013, work began also on the pastoral needs of bringing the people of God in Stanley, Boyd, and Cadott into one community. With the guidance and grace of the Holy Spirit, the process of bringing the three into one moved forward and prepared the faithful for the formation of their new parish.

In his homily during the Mass of Thanksgiving for the formation of All Saints Parish, Bishop William Callahan called on the community to form a family, just as they had in each of the individual churches, while maintaining the ties to their respective houses of worship. In this Mass, celebrated on July 1, 2013, the official date of the opening of the new parish, was the new parish family celebrated by gathering at the altar at which we give worship to God for enabling us to continue to encounter Him in a new way through our new parish.

With the joining of the three into one, All Saints Parish was enabled to hire new staff members to begin a renewed focus on youth ministry, genuine Catholic Education, the New Evangelization, and care for the sick and newborn. This ever-growing parish seeks to bring the sacraments to those who are members of the Church and to bring our brothers and sisters in Christ across the geographical span of our parish into communion in the Body of the Christ.

Holy Family Church
226 East Third Avenue
Stanley, WI 54768For almost 120 years, a Catholic community has held its presence within the Stanley area. For most of Holy Family’s history, the parish was two parishes, St. Mary’s and St. Ann’s, both of which closed and consolidated in the mid-1900s, choosing the name Holy Family Catholic Church. The church presently has many features and art that bring parts of both parishes to give the feeling of one family. The present church building seats just over 1,000 and has architecture fitting to the 1970s. Just a block away from the church is the former school building and Holy Family Hall.
St. Joseph Church
720 East Patten Street
Boyd, WI 54726The presence of a Catholic community in the Boyd area has always been predominate. The consolidation of the Boyd and Township of Edson’s parishes brought together very closely knit communities and developed a much larger parish family. The Boyd church was built almost 100 years ago and features many beautiful artwork and aspects that brings many of the traditional elements to community liturgy. The church seats close to 1,000 and is placed adjacent to the school building and operating rectory for All Saints Catholic Parish.
St. Rose of Lima Church
415 North Maple Street
Cadott, WI 54727This close-knit parish community built a beautiful church in the 1950s featuring many stone features and more modern stain-glass windows that bring many different time periods of architecture and art together. The church is strategically situated on the corner of McRae and Maple Streets and adjacent to the former school building that housed Saint Joseph Catholic School and the former parish rectory. The church seats several hundred and has a beautiful stone exterior.