Our Catechesis and Evangelization Program is evaluated each year in an attempt to accommodate our parishioners’ needs and to ensure our youth have the opportunity to learn about our Catholic faith. The Religious Education program for grades one through eight and high school youth ministry is headed by Mrs. LouAnn Willkom. This program is developed to address the needs of the youth of our parish and to enable them to learn the necessary truths of the faith and encounter the person of Jesus Christ.

Through class sessions, youth activities, and various other events, it is the mission of this program to bring the youth to Jesus in the sacraments and in the truth of the Catholic faith.

For information on the program based on age level, please contact LouAnn Willkom or the parish office at (715)644-5535.

For dates and times of all Religious Education class sessions, youth events, and other special events, please see the calendar.