High School Religious Education

Religious Education for high school students is primarily focused on Confirmation preparation which traditionally takes place at the end of the student’s sophomore year. High school students are provided ample time to develop and deepen their prayer life, learn the truths of the Catholic faith and listen and learn from their peers through thoughtful discussion.

In addition to their weekly lessons, students are expected to spend at least 10 hours volunteering their service at Mass or parish events throughout the year. They are also to attend at least 10 Youth Ministry Events each year. (This may be temporarily suspended).  Dates, times and locations of events are posted on the website calendar, on bulletin boards found at each church and in the parish bulletin.

Occasionally Religious Education will be canceled due to weather. Every effort will be made to notify students and parents as soon as possible via text message and/or email.

The calendar for 9th & 10th grade students is available here: 2023-2024 CCD Calendar Grades 9 & 10