The parish finance council is a consultative body which helps the pastor to act justly and prudently in the administration of the parish’s temporal goods. Its work is to be informed and inspired by the vision of the Church, exemplified in the teaching of the Second Vatican Council. The ways by which it fulfills its shared responsibility are: the spiritual enrichment and growth of the members; formation of financial policies, including the devising and regular monitoring of a parish budget, and of policies for the proper maintenance of the buildings and grounds of the parish; long-range financial planning; preparation of an annual financial report; and attention to civil law pertaining to the administration of the temporal goods of the parish. (On Consultation in the Parish and Deanery, Diocese of La Crosse, Approved by Bishop John Paul, 1985).

Current Members of the Finance Council are:
President Fr. William Felix, Pastor
Recording Secretary Lori Setzer

Standing Committees

Budget Development & Review Committee
Policy & Personnel Committee
Stewardship & Development Committee
Buildings & Maintenance Committee

Board of Trustees:
Chuck Poulter
Bob Irwin
Fr. William Felix