All Saints PCCW

Next All Saints PCCW Meeting: TBA

PCCW stands for Parish Council of Catholic Women, Every woman 18 or older of the parish is a member.

What we are about

  • To unite all the parish women in religious, educational and community activities
  • To assist the pastor in the welfare of the parish, both spiritual and material
  • To Develop leadership potential and motivate individuals to act upon current issues in Church and society
  • To serve as a medium through which the Catholic women of the parish may speak and act as a unit on matters of public interest
  • To provide consolation and help to members who are ill, shut-in, aged, or in distress
  • To welcome any new members to our parish family and to our community

Holy Family Circle

Chairwoman:Ann Wagner


Sacred-Heart, St. Joseph’s Circle

Chairwoman:Pam Dorn


St. Rose of Lima Circle

Chairwoman:Barb Peterson