Our very own radio station is On-The-Air!!!

We completed the initial build and power-up phase of our All Saints Catholic Radio Station housed in the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Boyd, WI. We are covering a circular broadcast area around Boyd having a radius of approximately 10 miles. Please tune in on your radio FM dial to 96.5 MHz and listen. The link listed below will take you to our Spirit Catholic Radio program guide to see the 24-hour programming available. All donations to our birthing apostolate much appreciated! This is another way we can grow in our faith and help spread the Gospel message! If you are interested in helping with this project please contact Deacon Ned (cell: 715-313-3810) or our parish office (715-644-5435 ext.121).

Spirit Catholic Radio programs

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Thank You, All Saints Catholic Radio Board

All Saints Catholic Radio

Dear Friends in Christ;

 Thank You from WASB-LP Radio

We are broadcasting Spirit Catholic Radio programming (having EWTN feeds) at 96.5 MHz on your FM radio dial from our studio in St. Joseph Church, Boyd. We wish to thank our All Saints Parish members, area business folks, and individuals who provided funding, services, and/or direct personal help to make our power-up a success. We owe you all a debt of gratitude and many “THANK YOU’s”!!! Please take a listen to the programming as you are a participant in our evangelization effort to bring Christ-centered messaging to our broadcast area. God Bless you all and God Bless our birthing apostolate. All for the Greater Glory and Honor of God!


Thank You Everyone … WASB-LP