Benefit Our Children

St. Joseph Catholic School, while being a parish school, is still a thriving Catholic school needing the help of community members and visitors to be generous in giving to the financial needs of the school. In order to keep costs low for all of our families who send children here, we rely on various size financial donations to the school to ensure this educational opportunity in our area that forms the entire human person is around for years to come.

There are various ways that those interested in giving may do so.  Below is an informational survey that you can submit and will place you in direct contact with the school administration so to enable a possible donation to be made. Another major financial benefit the school participates in is the SCRIP Program, which is described on our website. Click here for information on the SCRIP program.

We thank you for your generosity in advance and be assured of the children’s and our prayers for you and yours who enable us to serve the children of All Saints Parish and beyond.

SCRIP Program

 Dear parishioners and St. Joseph School families,

Shop where you normally shop, spend what you normally spend… but raise money for Catholic education at the same time simply by using Scrip! What an ideal fundraiser: You do not need to buy anything extra; you are buying what you already would be purchasing, just using gift cards instead of a check or cash. We have many local and national vendors that give between 5% and 10% profit to the program. I cannot thank these vendors enough for all that they do and the support that they give to us.
The potential of the Scrip program is unlimited. It is a win, win situation all around:

  1. Our area businesses are supported and promoted through the scrip program.
  2. Catholic education is supported within our community.
  3. Scrip certificates can be used instead of constantly having to carry cash, which makes it easier to be aware of your budget.
  4. Scrip makes wonderful gifts that you are able to purchase at one location.

Thank you for your continued support of the Scrip program!
Please call our SCRIP coordinator with your questions: Nicole Ruhe,  e-mail:

Ordering SCRIP is easy!  Print an order form ( St. Joseph Catholic School SCRIP Order Form 10.9.19) or pick one up in the back of any of the 3 church locations, fill it out, include your payment and drop it in the collection basket at Mass or turn it in at the parish office.  Your order will be ready for you by the following weekend.